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Retraining as a train driver

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Region: North Rhine-Westphalia

Contract type: full-time


Job profile: Railway Operations

Published on: 04.10.2023

Job description

Driving real trains, travelling across the country and earning money at the same time. Doesn't sound bad, right? As a train driver, that's no problem.

Retraining as a train driver in passenger and freight transport
Class A & B incl. Shunting attendant
Unlike a monotonous office job, train drivers - the technical term for train drivers - are out and about. They are responsible for the train and ensure the safety of goods and/or people before, during and after the journey.
At BahnEinsteiger, you learn everything you need to move 1500 tonne trains from A to B and at the same time do something for the economy and society. Train drivers are indispensable for keeping the economic engine running.
After successfully passing the final examination, the BahnEinsteiger offer a one hundred per cent job guarantee.
At the training academy for railway professions, you learn all the skills required for this multifaceted job profile. In addition to the basics of railway operations, you will learn about the comprehensive regulations for passenger and freight transport as well as all relevant legal ordinances and laws. In addition, experienced instructors teach how to recognise and send warning and emergency signals and how to deal with stressful situations.

All modules and contents at a glance:
• Introduction to the basics of railway operation
• Wagon tester level 1 & 2
• Brake test authorisation
• Shunting
• Signalling theory
• Trains run in everyday mode and in the event of irregularities
• Exam preparation and theoretical examination in accordance with Annex 5 of the TfV
• Specialist topic: Diesel basics
• Specialist topic: Fundamentals of electrical engineering
• Specialist topic: Point-shaped tension control
• Simulator training
• Examination preparation and examination according to Annex 6 & Annex 7 according to TfV

In addition, special knowledge is acquired, such as dangerous goods training and qualification as a wagon inspector for freight wagons and brake tester.
The driving of traction units is learnt on modern simulators. Here you can try out and practise all the situations that await you in your later professional life.
If you decide to retrain as a train driver, including practical training, you will then go into real operations.

Without practical experience (6 months)
Retraining as a train driver without practical experience takes 6 months. During this time, all skills are acquired in theory. For the specialised practical training, you then look for an employer who provides training in the company. The practice can also be completed directly with BahnEinsteigern.

With practical experience (11 months)
The retraining as a train driver with practical driving lasts 11 months. The training trips are completed with a practice partner. The BahnEinsteiger cooperate with experienced railway companies where the practical final examination Annex 6 and Annex 7 are taken in accordance with the Train Driving Licence Ordinance (TfV).
Retraining as a train driver is a challenge, but even if you only pass part of the retraining, it's not a problem. This automatically gives you a partial qualification as a shunting attendant, which also allows you to work in a recognised profession.
Anyone interested in becoming a shunting attendant from the outset can also complete the retraining programme with us.




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